Mar 24, 2024

German Worship Service set for April 7

Posted Mar 24, 2024 9:30 AM


Join us at 3 p.m. Sunday, April 7 at (Trinity Lutheran Church 2703 Fort Street, Hays, KS) for a worship service in the German Language. This service will be similar to services held by the Lutheran Russian-German immigrants who settled in Ellis, Barton, and Russell counties. The Service will be led by Rev. Delvin Strecker. Holy Communion will be offered. There will also be a time to share stories and reminisce. A light lunch will follow the service- both service and lunch open to the public. Lunch-freewill donation.

Rev. Delvin Strecker’s family emigrated to the Barton county area of Kansas from the Lutheran area along the Volga River in Russia. He grew up speaking the Volga German dialect but learned to speak High German and was a high school German teacher until he retired and went to seminary. Even though the Volga Germans who came to this area did not speak High German, the worship services were held in High German because their hymnals, catechisms and Bibles were written in High German. Komm danket dem Heiland mit freudigen Zungen!