Jun 28, 2024

City of Ellis rules for July 4 fireworks

Posted Jun 28, 2024 1:01 PM

Ellis Police Department

As we get ready to re-enact the Battles of Lexington and Concord in our own backyards, here is the 2024 Resolution (see image) regarding the discharge of fireworks within the City of Ellis.

Fireworks can be shot between 9 a.m. and midnight on July 4 and 5.

We understand the frustration that fireworks can cause for those who work early in the morning.

Remember, it’s only a few days, and your neighbors aren’t breaking any laws by celebrating as long as they are within the established regulations.

Please report any violations to dispatch at (785) 625-1011. You’ll need to explain that you are in Ellis since Hays and other areas within the county have different regulations.

Please also note that it is illegal per state and local laws to discharge fireworks in the following manner(s):
• on any public street, alley, in any park, or public place within the city.
• into the direction or path of any animal, person(s) or vehicle.
• from any moving or stationary vehicle* within 100 feet of a nursing home or fireworks vendor
• within 50 feet of any gasoline pump or gas station
• bottle rockets and similar self-propelled fireworks devices consisting of a tube and attached guiding stick or rod are prohibited.

Keep a hose, bucket or fire extinguisher close by when using fireworks. Remember to douse fireworks thoroughly, leave them out of polycarts overnight, and keep them away from grassy areas and structures in case they are still smoldering.

Our local firefighters will thank you for doing so!

Family pets often go missing during the Independence Day holiday. Please consider keeping animals indoors during the holiday.

Call 911 if a person is injured or fireworks start a fire!

Please be respectful of neighbors by cleaning up debris and adhering to the allowed times of discharge.

Finally: Don’t be a Benedict Arnold; designate a driver. There’s no excuse for a DUI. Have a safe and fun Independence Day!

-Chief Smith