Aug 04, 2022

Hoxie residents reminded to keep property mowed or face fines

Posted Aug 04, 2022 1:57 PM

City of Hoxie

HOXIE- The City of Hoxie is asking that all residents please keep your property mowed and trimmed and weeds sprayed.

Pursuant to Ordinance 659 it shall be unlawful for any owner, agent, lessee, tenant, or other person occupying or having charge or control of any premises to permit weeds to remain upon said premises or any area between the property lines of said premises and the center line of any adjacent street or alley, including but not specifically limited to sidewalks, streets, alleys, easements, right-of-ways and all other areas, public or private.

The City will be sending out letters advising that the owner. occupant or agent in charge of the property will be assessed a fine of $25.00 per day for a maximum of $250.00 if the owner does not comply with the notice.

Thank you.