May 20, 2020 11:00 AM

LETTER: Schlegel will seek second term as Ellis Co. treasurer

Posted May 20, 2020 11:00 AM
Ellis County Treasurer Lisa Schlegel
Ellis County Treasurer Lisa Schlegel

 To the citizens of Ellis County, I would like to spend a few moments introducing myself as I announce I will be running for re-election as your Treasurer on August 4. My professional background includes several years of work experience in Higher Education, physical fitness, the banking industry, and more. During my undergraduate education, I was in the top 2% of students at FHSU in the College of Business and Leadership, and was nominated for the Torch Award when I graduated. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership Studies, and I earned my Master’s degree from KU, where I graduated with Honors in 2011.

After earning my degrees and learning more about the world through full-time work and travel, I became certain I wanted to make my home in Kansas. My hobbies include spending time with my family and pets, and doing physical fitness, hiking, and gardening. Having grown up in Ellis County, a farmer’s daughter, I feel a great affinity for the people and the environs of Kansas. I was born in this place for a reason, and I want to stay here to contribute my efforts and talents to Ellis County, the place my family has called home since my ancestors came to the U.S. in the late 1800s.  I have spent 17 years of my professional working life in Kansas, and feel compelled to make my work benefit every single citizen of this county. I like to serve the community with my work. 

We are at a time in history that is especially poignant regarding taking our individual power and duty to weigh-in as citizens on how our cities, counties, and nations run. If we do not take up the yoke of civic duty, our great democracy will fail and fail fast. Our city, county, and nation need to pick leaders with integrity and courage to make tough decisions, as we move thoughtfully onward.  We as citizens need to take the time and effort to watch, learn, and get engaged in the democratic process. 

I have said this all before, and it is even more true today.  Since you elected me in 2016, I have brought the Treasury unprecedented success both economically and managerially. As I have outlined in my semi-annual newsletters, I have implemented new collection practices, negotiated strong investment and procurement contracts, and tidied-up the budget to match my frugal nature, while still getting even more things done and done better. It has been a record-setting performance for a 4-year term as Treasurer. 

Back when I joined the county, I focused on how I could bring all kinds of new practices (as I have done), but I also mentioned working in spirit of togetherness with other county officials to strengthen and unite our county. The thing about togetherness, is it has to be desired by two or more people in a group. I cannot enter the county and say I want to get along and cooperate, and be pressured to capitulate for several years, and when I do not capitulate to keeping failures or corruption hush-hush, and instead choose to calmly and consciously bring things to the table to discuss, be attacked, slandered, and shunned by other people in power to keep me quiet. 

Togetherness takes multiple willing people. The thing is, even with the political pressure since 2017, I have still managed to share what I felt needed to be shared with Ellis County citizens; I have still managed to bring prosperity to the treasury, and effective management of staff, and I have still maintained a civil and respectful atmosphere to other county elected officials with my conduct. Just because they refuse to respect the office of Treasurer does not mean I will lose my integrity. The Treasury is still operating as good as it ever has, even with all the drama directed at us by current commissioners. 

My independent judgement is what makes me the Treasurer you want. You do not want further nepotism in one of the three others running for my position who are two spouses and one parent of current county employees. I will not give up hope or silence my voice to protect special interests. I will cooperate, but I will not capitulate or pretend the Treasurer’s office is subject to the Commission. We are equal on the hierarchy of Counties.

As your incumbent, I understand the Kansas statutes as they apply to the taxation process. I know how to interface effectively with other government officials and taxpayers, as well as manage a staff of various specialists, while working to implement statutes in a way that advocates for constituents.  My leadership degree taught me how to keep an eye on the big picture while attending to the details and providing training in effective interaction with all sectors of the community.

I will not give up on my vision for this county. It has grown me as a person to work for you as Treasurer, and it has greatly prospered your Treasury, having me managing the staff and the monies of Ellis County. Let’s make it a win-win, and pick me again in 2020. Since I have primary opponents, if you want me to be your Treasurer you must vote on AUGUST 4. You will then have to vote again on November 3 as well. If you pick me, you can count on me to perform the duties of Treasurer with excellence and integrity, as I have for the past several years. You can count on me to tell you about what matters, and trust that I will not waste your time with trivial matters, but will inform you of what I know is truly important and worth citizens being aware of. 

Lisa Schlegel, Ellis County Treasurer