May 05, 2020 1:46 PM

Ellis County offices reopen with social distancing

Posted May 05, 2020 1:46 PM

Ellis County

The Ellis County Commission has authorized the reopening of Ellis County offices starting at 8 a.m. Tuesday. The commission has reviewed the reopening plans for the state and guidelines from KDHE and the CDC to ensure reopening the offices can be done in a safe manner.

When entering our offices, please maintain the 6-foot social distancing guidelines. Also, if it seems a little too busy for comfort, please consider returning at a different time, helping to conform to the 10 person gathering criteria. If you are sick, please stay home until you recover, or try to conduct your business over the phone or email if possible. We ask this for your safety as well as for our valued employees.

The Ellis County Health Department still reports Ellis County as a low level of threat, there are no active COVID-19 cases in Ellis County, and we are meeting the CDC and KDHE guidelines.

Our Health Department wants to remind everyone to regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, avoid touching your face with unwashed hands, stay home if you are sick, cover coughs and sneezes, and to clean and disinfect surfaces daily.