Jun 08, 2021 10:46 AM

55th Street construction gets underway east of 230th

Posted Jun 08, 2021 10:46 AM

City of Hays

Beginning Monday, Hess Services Inc. began constructing improvements at the intersection of 230th Avenue and 55th Street.  The construction will take place in multiple phases.  (See Location Map)  The anticipated construction impacts and traffic control operations are as follows:

•    The first phase will consist of grading and asphalt pavement widening along 55th Street and the East side of 230th Avenue.  During this phase, 230th Avenue and 55th Street will remain open for two-way traffic with restricted lane widths and intermittent flagger operations to manage traffic.  Phase I is expected to last four weeks.

•    After Phase I is complete, Phase II consists of grading, storm sewer installation, curb and gutter construction, and concrete pavement construction of the intersection and 230th Avenue North of 55th Street. During this phase, 230th Avenue will be closed between 55th Street and 58th Street for the remainder of construction.  

Southbound 230th Avenue traffic will be restricted at Feedlot Road to local traffic only, a signed detour is not anticipated to be posted.  The intersection will be constructed half at a time and 230th Avenue will be restricted to one northbound lane which will provide access to Eastbound 55th Street only. Southbound 230th Avenue between I-70 and 55th Street will be closed during this portion of phase two.  Westbound 55th Street will be restricted at 240th Avenue to local traffic only, a signed detour is not anticipated to be to posted.

The total project is expected to be completed by October.

Contact the Office of Project Management at 785-628-7350 with questions