Aug 11, 2022

Jones family continues road to recovery after tragedy in Kentucky

Posted Aug 11, 2022 2:22 PM

Hutch Post

NICKERSON, Kan. — Fundraisers continue for the family of Nickerson High School coach Trey Jones.

Amy Jones continues to be watched closely by doctors on her injured legs. According to social media posts, she has undergone another operation to care for what were critical injuries to both legs. Ava continues to rehab and a short video can be seen of her using a walker to regain strength in her legs.

One other note, the University of Iowa Women’s basketball program announced it will honor Ava's scholarship regardless if she is ever able to play for the Hawkeyes. Jones had just committed to Iowa when she was injured.

A volleyball tournament held by the Buhler High School volleyball program served as a fundraiser. The tournament raised a total of $3,945 for the Jones Family Fund.

Louisville TV station WDRB has been working with Hutch Post in covering this story and recently conducted an interview with both Ava and Amy. It can be viewed on the Jones Family Updates Facebook page.