Sep 17, 2020 10:05 AM

Highway improvements upcoming in NW Kan. counties

Posted Sep 17, 2020 10:05 AM


TOPEKA - The Kansas Department of Transportation announces approved bids for state highway construction and maintenance projects in Kansas. The letting took place Aug. 19, 2020, in Topeka. Some of the bids may include multiple projects that have been bundled based on proximity and type of work.

District One — Northeast

Leavenworth ‑ 92‑52 KA‑5619‑01 ‑ K‑92, bridge #026 over the Missouri River located just east of Union Pacific Railroad and East Dakota Street, bridge, Clarkson Construction Company, Kansas City, Mo., $414,911.04.

Wyandotte ‑ 169‑105 KA‑5613‑01 – U.S. 169, bridges #072 and #287 over the Kansas River and railroad yard located 0.55 mile north of I‑35 in Kansas City, bridge repair, Clarkson Construction Company, Kansas City, Mo., $3,200,088.11.

Statewide ‑ 106 KA‑5837‑01 ‑ Various locations in District One in the counties Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, Atchison, Jackson, Jefferson, Osage, Lyon, Pottawatomie, Riley and Marshall, milling, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kan., $27,515.00.

District Four — Southeast

Franklin ‑ 33‑30 KA‑3951‑01 ‑ K‑33, Bridge #064 over the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway located 0.79 mile north of the I‑35/K‑33 junction in the City of Wellsville, bridge replacement, Pyramid Contractors Inc., and Pyramid Properties Inc., Olathe, Kan., $4,750,477.53.

Wilson ‑ 400‑103 KA‑5048‑02 – U.S. 400, from the Wilson/Greenwood county line east to the K‑47 junction, guard fence, 12.0 miles, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kan., $323,780.56.

District Five — South Central

Butler ‑ 54‑8 KA‑5605‑01 – U.S. 54, from the east city limits of Augusta east to the U.S. 54/K‑77/U.S. 400 junction, 4-inch overlay, 7.0 miles, APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Division, Hutchinson, Kan., $10,759,743.45.

Rush ‑ 83 C‑4932‑01 ‑ Various major collector roads including RS587, RS44, RS585, RS584 and RS524 in the county, pavement marking, 42.0 miles, Roadsafe Traffic Systems Inc., El Dorado, Kan., $170,031.13.

District Six — Southwest

Hodgeman ‑ 42 C‑4964‑01 – Major and minor collector roads in the northeast quarter of the county and RS 313, signing, 50.0 miles, Mission Construction Co. Inc., St. Paul, Kan., $48,974.16.

Ness ‑ 04‑68 KA‑4049‑01 ‑ K‑4, from the west city limits of Brownell east to the east city limits, grade and surfacing, 0.3 mile, Morgan Brothers Construction, Inc., Lacrosse, Kan., $1,255,131.01.

Statewide ‑ 160‑106 KA‑4749‑01 ‑ K‑34, U.S. 283 and U.S. 160, signing, 57.5 miles, Signs Up LTD DBA Haren's Trees And Critters, Webster City, Iowa, $216,938.17.

Statewide ‑ 106 KA‑4749‑02 – U.S. 283, K-147 and K-4 in Ness, Lane, Trego and Rush counties, signing, 56.8 miles, Martin Outdoor Enterprises Inc., Pittsburg, Kan., $448,850.90.

Statewide ‑ 106 KA‑5698‑01 ‑ Various locations in District Six in the counties Kearny, Grant, Stanton, Morton, Finney, Haskell, Ford, Gray, Clark and Hodgeman, milling, Dustrol Inc., Towanda, Kan., $24,845.66.

The following projects were approved from the July 22, 2020, letting.

Atchison ‑ 3 C‑4959‑01 – Bridge over Tributary to Stranger Creek located 1.7 miles south and 1.9 miles east of Effingham, bridge replacement, 0.1 mile, King Construction Company Inc. & Subsidiaries, Hesston, Kan., $361,960.07.

Riley ‑ 81 U‑2361‑01 – Bridge over Dry Branch located approximately 200 feet northeast of the intersection of 12th Street and Elm Street in Ogden, bridge replacement, 0.1 mile, Ebert Construction Co Inc & Subsidiary, Wamego, Kan., $214,319.34.

Russell ‑ 84 C‑4933‑01 ‑ Major collectors located south of I‑70 in the county, signing, 120.0 miles, Martin Outdoor Enterprises Inc., Pittsburg, Kan., $164,820.70.

Labette ‑ 59‑50 KA‑5154‑01 – U.S. 59, from 75 feet north of Commerce Street north 1,420 feet, pavement reconstruction, 0.3 mile, Mission Construction Co. Inc., St. Paul, Kan., $1,346,559.50.

Butler ‑ 8 N‑0685‑01 ‑ Pedestrian/bike path on North Andover Road from U.S. 54 to Central Avenue in Andover, pedestrian and bicycle paths, 1.0 mile, Pearson Construction LLC, Wichita, Kan., $850,924.40.