Apr 07, 2021 6:07 PM

Free nonpartisan workshop series offered on how to get into local public service

Posted Apr 07, 2021 6:07 PM

MERRIAM  — The Mainstream Coalition is holding a series of free, virtual nonpartisan workshops on getting into local public service, titled "Step Up & Lead."

The workshops are designed for individuals thinking of running for elected office, or interested in an appointed position, or working on a campaign for someone seeking public office. This is a nonpartisan series focusing on the fundamental aspects of running a local campaign, including fundraising, messaging, digital communications, and field operations.

The first session is introductory, and is being held before the June 1 filing deadline for local or municipal office this year. The two following sessions are workshops for those who are seeking public office, or those helping them. Registration is available for just one, two, or all three sessions.

Introduction to local public service and necessary next steps
Saturday, April 24, 20219 am to 12:30 pm, via Zoom
Learn about different opportunities to serve, either as elected officials, in appointed positions, or as campaign staff. We will cover a variety of topics, from ethics and diversity to issue positions and the nuts and bolts of filing to run. This is the event for people trying to decide if public service is for them (or if they want to support someone seeking public office).

Workshop: Fundraising, Networking, Marketing
Saturday, June 5, 20219 am to 12:30 pm, via Zoom
This is the necessary work of getting your campaign off the ground. In a workshop format, we will cover fundraising (including campaign finance reports, how to make compelling asks, platforms, and more), networking (including coalition building, local groups, special interest groups, other officials, and more), and marketing and communications (including digital media, press relations, and more). This event is for candidates for public office and/or campaign staff.

Workshop: Goals, Strategies, and Fieldwork
Saturday, June 12, 20219 am to 12:30 pm, via Zoom
This workshop focuses on working with the human capital required to get into public service. In a workshop format, we will talk about electoral strategy, identifying, targeting, and persuading your supporters, voter registration, getting out the vote (including texting, canvassing, phonebanks, writing scripts, virtual events, and more), finding volunteers, and election day strategies. This event is for candidates for public office and/or campaign staff.

All events are free, but space is limited. Registration is open now at https://www.mainstreamcoalition.org/step_up_and_lead_2021

Questions? Send email to [email protected] or call (913) 649-3326