Aug 08, 2022

Barton Co. offers cash incentives to residents for recuiting workers

Posted Aug 08, 2022 6:06 PM

Great Bend Post

GREAT BEND — Know of somebody currently not living in Barton County but would be great for a job in the county? Great Bend Economic Development is still rewarding citizens able to successfully recruit friends and family members outside of Barton County to fill advertised positions.

Economic Development Director Sara Hayden said the first recipient of the recruiting incentive went to Larissa Graham of Great Bend as she was able to recruit a family member to Great Bend to take a position at Adams Brown. Graham was given $250 for her efforts.

"Those amounts will differ based on the income of the job that they successfully recruit for," said Hayden. "We've had several people take advantage of this program, but this is the first successful one that's resulted in a hire."

Any employer paying more than county-median wage can advertise their jobs on the Great Bend Economic Development website. There are currently seven employers participating in the recruiting incentive.    

Find out more about the program at