Feb 10, 2020 9:28 PM

Volunteer opportunities with the American Red Cross

Posted Feb 10, 2020 9:28 PM

Every day, the Red Cross responds to disasters, collects blood and teaches lifesaving skills in the community. To do that, the Red Cross relies on generous volunteers who give their time and talent to help fulfill its lifesaving mission. Ninety percent of the work of the Red Cross is carried out by volunteers. An extensive range of volunteer positions are available—from front-line services to behind-the-scenes duties.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  1. Providing food, shelter and comfort for those affected by a disaster
  2. Teaching a class/training
  3. Assisting members of the military and their families
  4. Working at blood drives or delivering lifesaving blood to hospitals
  5. Assisting with volunteer recruitment, engagement and appreciation
  6. Supporting public relations, marketing and government relations
  7. Providing operational support such as answering phones or completing clerical work
  8. and many more

The Red Cross works with potential volunteers to identify the opportunities that fit the individual’s skills, expertise, interest and availability. Volunteering is rewarding and meaningful. It is a chance for people to make a difference in their community by using their knowledge and experiences, while developing new skills.

To find the right opportunity, visit redcross.org/volunteer. All Red Cross volunteers receive an orientation and training after the application process.

  1. To date, 78 volunteers from the Kansas/Nebraska/SW Iowa Region have been deployed to 14 different disasters around the country and world in FY20 (July-present)
  1. In January, the Red Cross responded to 87 home fires and floods in 48 different counties across Kansas, Nebraska and Southwest Iowa, assisting 177 families comprised of 345 people 
  1. To date, the Red Cross has responded to 472 home fires and floods across 110 different counties in Kansas, Nebraska and SW Iowa, assisting 2,459 people in FY20 (July-present)