Jan 14, 2020 4:15 PM

HPD Activity Log Jan. 9-13

Posted Jan 14, 2020 4:15 PM

The Hays Police Department responded to 3 animal calls and conducted 17 traffic stops Thu., Jan. 9, 2020, according to the HPD Activity Log.  

Domestic Disturbance--100 block W 4th St, Hays; 3:45 AM; 4:32 AM

Suicidal Subject--1300 block 5:30 AM; 7:10 AM

Burglary/business--1100 block E 22nd St, Hays; 5 AM; 6:12 AM

Credit Card Violations--2500 block Vine St, Hays; 6:19 AM; 6:22 AM

Credit Card Violations--1900 block Vine St, Hays; 6:31 AM; 6:33 AM

Credit Card Violations--4300 block Vine St, Hays; 6:10 AM; 6:15 AM

Found/Lost Property--2400 block General Hays Rd, Hays; 1/8;  8:30 AM

Theft (general)--500 block E 16th St, Hays; 1/8; 7:45 AM; 6:30 PM

MV Accident-Private Property--1900 block Vine St, 11:30 AM; 1:35 PM

Disturbance - Noise--500 block W 21st St, Hays; 1:29 PM

MV Accident-City Street/Alley--27th and Indian Trail, Hays; 1:31 PM

Animal At Large--2700 block Hillcrest Dr, Hays; 4:56 PM

Domestic Disturbance--2200 block Walnut St, Hays; 5:40 PM

Warrant Service (Fail to Appear)--500 block E 8th St, Hays; 7:33 PM

MV Accident-Co Road/St Hwy--22nd and Drum, Hays; 8:14 PM

Civil Dispute--1400 block E 29th St, Hays; 9:40 PM

Drug Offenses--1000 block E 17th St, Hays; 11:30:23 PM

The Hays Police Department responded to 4 animal calls and conducted 27 traffic stops Fri., Jan. 10, 2020, according to the HPD Activity Log.

Shoplifting--4300 block Vine St, Hays; 4:26 AM

 Criminal Damage to Property--700 block E 6th St, Hays; 1/9 8 PM; 1/10 5 AM

MV Accident-Hit and Run--1000 block E 41st St, Hays; 8:25 AM; 8:47 AM

 Disturbance - Noise--2500 block Gen Hancock Rd, Hays; 12:03 PM

Suspicious Activity--1900 block Vine St, Hays; 12:05 PM

Lost Animals ONLY--400 block W 3rd St, Hays; 12:40 PM

Welfare Check--300 block W 32nd St, Hays; 8:55 AM; 2:18 PM

Warrant Service (Fail to Appear)--100 block W 12th St, Hays;  08/22/19 8 AM

Drug Offenses--3900 block Vine St, Hays; 10:56 PM; 11:13 PM

The Hays Police Department responded to 6 animal calls and conducted 13 traffic stops Sat., Jan. 11, 2020, according to the HPD Activity Log.

Criminal Damage to Property--100 block E 7th St, Hays; 12:25 AM; 12:36 AM

Aggravated Battery--500 block W 7th St, Hays; 1:50 AM; 2 AM

Abandoned Vehicle--2500 block Indian Trl, Hays; 7:48 AM

Animal Cruelty/Neglect--800 block Ash St, Hays; 2:04 PM

Shoplifting--4300 block Vine St, Hays; 6:25 PM; 6:51 PM

Animal Call--1000 block Reservation Rd, Hays; 8:02 PM

 Mental Health Call--200 block E 7th St, Hays; 9:09 PM

The Hays Police Department responded to 2 animal calls and conducted 20 traffic stops Sun., Jan. 12, 2020, according to the HPD Activity Log.

 Mental Health Call--1400 block E 29th St, Hays; 2:47 AM

 Criminal Trespass--2000 block Vine St, Hays; 4:35 AM

MV Accident-Hit and Run--2000 block Gen Custer Rd, Hays; 8:32 AM

Theft of Vehicle--700 block W 12th St, Hays; 1/11 4 PM; 1/12 10:31 AM

Burglary/residence--3000 block Indian Trl, Hays; 2 AM; 2:30 AM

MV Accident-City Street/Alley--1900 block Vine St, Hays; 5:45 PM

Mental Health Call--400 block W 20th St, Hays; 5:58 PM

Found/Lost Property--4300 block Vine St, Hays; 7:55 PM

The Hays Police Department responded to 4 animal calls and conducted 16 traffic stops Mon., Jan. 13, 2020, according to the HPD Activity Log.

 Violation of Restraining Order/PFA--1400 block E 29th St, Hays; 5:36 AM

Mental Health Call--100 block E 14th St, Hays; 6:30 AM; 6:45 AM

Theft of Vehicle--200 block W 12th St, Hays; 1/12 6 PM; 1/13 10 AM

Assist - Other (not MV)--4400 block Vista Dr, Hays; 11:54 AM

Found/Lost Property--1000 block W 28th St, Hays; 3:33 PM

Traffic/Driving Complaint--2500 block Gen Hays Rd, Hays; 3:50 PM

Drug Offenses--800 block Elm St, Hays; 8:31 PM

Assist - Other (not MV)--300 block W 11th St, Hays; 11:14 PM