Jan 14, 2022

CIF board removes Wichita Force from league

Posted Jan 14, 2022 5:03 PM

The Champions Indoor Football (CIF) League board of directors has removed the Wichita Force from the league.

Salina Liberty is a member of the CIF.

Following is a statement issued by the CIF on Thursday.

This week, the CIF Board of Directors made the decision to remove the Wichita Force from the CIF. The enormity of the decision is not lost on the Board of Directors. During this offseason, the CIF made a commitment to holding all member teams to the highest of standards. These standards apply evenly to all member teams. All members agreed in the offseason to begin enforcing professional standards leaguewide. The Wichita Force were found to be in violation of multiple league requirements and were given multiple opportunities to bring their organization into compliance. Unfortunately, they refused to comply, and the Board of Directors took this necessary step.

“This is a positive step forwards for the CIF. We are a professional football league, and our fans and players expect a professional product. We look forward to placing a new owner in the Wichita market in the coming seasons, one all fans can be proud of,” said J.R. Bond, Commissioner of the CIF.

The CIF prides itself on being a "players league" so all currently signed players with the Wichita Force will be released from their contracts and are free to sign with any other team.

The league will release an updated schedule in the coming days.

“We look forward to an exciting 2022 season and are excited to announce some exciting developments within the CIF, including new franchises, as we grow the CIF into the top professional indoor football league in America,” said Bond.