Jul 20, 2021 7:00 PM

Hays USD 489 school board elects Wellbrock new president

Posted Jul 20, 2021 7:00 PM

Hays Post

The Hays USD 489 school board took four votes Monday night to elect a new president.

The board has a reorganization every July, which is the beginning of the district's fiscal year. During the reorganization, a president, vice-president and other personnel are appointed by the board.

Board member Lori Hertel nominated Craig Pallister, board vice president, for the president position. 

Board member Allen Park said he seconded the motion because Pallister had been the vice-president for the last year, he had training to be president and he has more than 30 years of administrative experience. Pallister served as the principal at Hays Middle School.

That motion failed on a vote of 2-3, with Allen Park and Lori Hertel voting for Pallister for president and Pallister and board members Tammy Wellbrock and Mike Walker voting against.

Board members Nuchelle Chance and Lance Bickle were not at the meeting.

Tammy Wellbrock
Tammy Wellbrock

Pallister nominated Tammy Wellbrock for president of the board.

The vote failed to pass on a vote of 3-2, with Wellbrock, Walker and Pallister voting for, and Park and Hertel voting against. Four yes votes are required for the board to pass a measure.

A motion to table the vote on the president position failed.

Pallister said anyone on the board is qualified to serve as president. 

Wellbrock said she asked not to be nominated for president or vice-president last year because she was entering a new job. This year her son will be graduating from Hays High School. 

Craig Pallister
Craig Pallister

She said if she served as president of the board, she would prefer to do it this year, so she could have the pleasure of signing her son's diploma. She said in talks with Pallister, he was OK with this happening.

Wellbrock expressed her intent to take the president leadership training through the Kansas Association of School Boards.

Board member Lance Bickle then called into the meeting.

Allen Park moved to nominate Criag Pallister as president.

That motion failed again on a vote of 2-3-1, with Park and Hertel voting for, Bickle, Walker and Wellbrock voting against, and Pallister abstaining.

Another motion was made nominating Tammy Wellbrock as the board president. That vote passed 4-1-1, with Walker, Bickle, Wellbrock and Hertel voting for, Park voting against and Pallister abstaining.

Wellbrock will serve until July 2022. Pallister was unanimously elected to serve as vice-president.

Network replacement

The board approved the replacement of the district network. The cost of the replacement will be $384,000. However, the school qualifies for E-rate funds, which means the district's cost will be reduced to $135,000.

The E-rate program provides discounts to assist schools to obtain affordable internet access and telecommunications services.

Replacing the network will increase security, coverage and the district's ability to manage the system.

Classified longevity bonuses

The board approved the new classified handbook, which includes new longevity bonuses for classified staff.
• After completion of five years of service, staff members would receive 1 percent raise.
• After completion of 10 years of service a 1.5 percent raise
• After completion of 15 years of service a 1.5 percent raise
• After completion of 20 years of service a 2 percent raise

This policy already existed in the custodians' contracts. The custodians contracts used to be negotiated by their union.

Chris Hipp, assistant superintendent of business services, said the raises will cost $15,000 to $18,000 this year. He said he hoped the raises would reduce turnover and help in recruiting new employees.

Other business

The board also approved the student handbook and an application for a new building number for The Learning Center.