Mar 15, 2023

Northwest Kansas students earn Hansen Scholarships

Posted Mar 15, 2023 10:45 AM

Dane G. Hansen Foundation

LOGAN — The Dane G. Hansen Foundation of Logan, Kansas has named 229 high school seniors from 48 Northwest Kansas schools as winners in its 48th annual scholarship competition.

In selecting award winners, the Scholarship Committee considered proficiency in verbal and writing skills. Other important factors are academic records, test scores, and community service in which the student may have participated.

Seven students have won Hansen Leader of Tomorrow scholarships. These awards are for $10,000 and may be renewable for three additional years. Renewal of scholarships is based upon continued regard for the principles, which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.00 or better GPA at the college level and a letter describing progress towards educational goals. This year’s winners are:

Belle Chavey, Concordia H.S. Jaden Huehl, Tipton Catholic H.S.

Mackenzie Hagerman, Hays H.S. Harper Johnston, Salina Central H.S.

Hannah Eikenberry, Hays H.S. William Fulkerson, Salina South H.S.

Shelly Chen, Beloit H.S.

Thirty-Five Hansen Scholar winners were selected. The stipend of $6,500 was granted for one year and may be renewable for three additional years. Renewal of scholarships is based upon continued regard for the principles, which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.00 or better GPA at the college level and a letter describing progress towards educational goals. This year’s winners are:

Gabriel Walter, Clifton-Clyde H.S.

Rilee Schwarz, Hays H.S.

Quinton Shepard, Ellis H.S.

Eileen Veatch, Hays H.S.

Grayson Walburn, Hays H.S.

Jensen Brull, TMP-Marian H.S.

Landen Clark, Hays H.S.

Delaney Staab, TMP-Marian H.S.

Bradyn Dreher, Hays H.S.

Chase Bourbon, Ellsworth H.S.

Evan Dealy, Hays H.S.

Nya Rippert, Ellsworth H.S.

Anthony Arial, Hays H.S.

Davin Coil, Rock Hills H.S.

Chase Summers, Hays H.S.

Rebecca Finney, Beloit H.S.

Danica Scheve, Hays H.S.

Abigail Porter, Beloit H.S.

Devlyn Jochum, Hays H.S.

Ariana Armstrong, Beloit H.S.

Megan Taggart, Hays H.S.

Sergio Lopez, St. John’s Catholic H.S.

Kaylee Johnson, Sylvan-Lucas Unified H.S.

Lilianna Brown, Salina Central H.S.

Levi Knoll, Osborne H.S.

Adrie Powell, Salina South H.S.

Sydney Kraus, Russell H.S.

Evan Dickson, Salina South H.S.

Lauren Franks, Russell H.S.

JoLee Hurren, Salina South H.S.

Isabella Berndt, Sacred Heart H.S.

Andrew Bretz, Hoxie H.S.

Stephanie Silverman, Sacred Heart H.S.

Holly Hagberg, Smith Center H.S.

Jackson Angell, Salina Central H.S.

The Foundation offered seventy scholarships for Hansen Student winners. These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record. This year’s winners are:

Molly Gilliland, St. Francis H.S.

Joshua Towner, Tipton H.S.

Colby Garrison, Clifton-Clyde H.S.

Lauren Ellenz, Tipton H.S.

Cody Letourneau, Concordia H.S.

Dahn Hanlon, Norton Comm. H.S.

Katria Kindscher, Concordia H.S.

Jaelyn Rumback, Norton Comm. H.S.

Emma Holloway, Decatur Comm. H.S.

Jeff Otter, Norton Comm. H.S.

Bryant Addleman, Decatur Comm. H.S. Mike Gradig, Lakeside H.S.

William Crawford, Ellis H.S.

Ross Hutson, Lakeside H.S.

Noah Bruggeman, Hays H.S.

Aydan Dill, Osborne H.S.

Cole Schlautman, Hays H.S.

Graham Bales, Osborne H.S.

Devin Schmidtberger, Hays H.S.

Dylan Ford, Bennington H.S.

Liam Gatschet, Hays H.S.

Isaac White, Minneapolis H.S.

Claire Humphrey, Hays H.S.

Conner Peck, Minneapolis H.S.

Avery Harmoney, Hays H.S.

Koyer Hauck, Minneapolis H.S.

Cade Becker, Hays H.S.

Sage Srna, Tescott H.S.

Greg Hughes, Hays H.S.

Kiersten Morgan, Pike Valley H.S.

Quinton McGuire, Hays H.S.

Luke Voss, Plainville H.S.

Rylee Burd, Hays H.S.

Josiah Slothower, Plainville H.S.

Ashton Bickle, Hays H.S.

Jace Douglas, Sacred Heart H.S.

Harlee Dannar, Hays H.S.

Macy Lehman, Sacred Heart H.S.

Jordin Myers, Hays H.S.

Connor Myers-Elder, Salina Central H.S.

Peyton Zimmerman, Hays H.S.

Sam Cusick, Salina Central H.S.

Ansen Miner, Hays H.S.

Charlene Arrieta-Renteria, Salina Central H.S.

MyKayla Romme, TMP-Marian H.S.

Chloe Highsmith, Salina Central H.S.

Rebekah Schroeder, TMP-Marian H.S.

Titus Shafer, Salina Central H.S.

Mary Greenwood, TMP-Marian H.S.

Sophia Harris, Salina Central H.S.

Tate Dinkel, TMP-Marian H.S.

Lauren Harris, Salina South H.S.

Byron Johnson, Ellsworth H.S.

Baylee Brin, Salina South H.S.

Klayton Bradford, Ellsworth H.S.

Jackie Fischer, Salina South H.S.

Anna Briggs, Quinter H.S.

Rylie Gebhardt, Salina South H.S.

Gracie Billips, Hill City H.S.

Matthew Redden, SE of Saline H.S.

Katelyn Wilson, Oakley H.S.

Madison Garrison, SE of Saline H.S.

Nicholas Greenwood, St. John’s Catholic H.S.

Nakari Morrical-Palmer, SE of Saline H.S.

Madison Snyder, Hoxie H.S.

Kayla Jaeger, Colby H.S.

Harrison Bhend, Goodland H.S.

Ashlynn Cramer, Trego Comm. H.S.

Darius Morrison, Colby H.S.

Chloe Woods, Trego Comm. H.S.

For students interested in a Career and Technical Education scholarship, the Foundation offered the following scholarships. These awards are for $4,000 and may be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record. Winners of Career and Technical Education scholarships are:

Vivieth Espana, Cheylin H.S.

Kaleb Dohm, Wheatland H.S.

Javier Yanez, St. Francis H.S.

Nathan Vollbracht, Wheatland H.S.

Kynnedi Steinbrock, Clifton-Clyde H.S.

Juleo-Miguel Galeana, Wheatland H.S.

Seth LeClair, Clifton-Clyde H.S.

Maggy Smith, Hill City H.S.

Halle Benne, Clifton-Clyde H.S.

Grace Bieker, Hill City H.S.

Rebekah Brown, Concordia H.S.

Kaylee Richmeier, Hill City H.S.

Teague Morford, Decatur Comm. H.S.

Rayleigh Shellito, Hill City H.S.

Haley Cranwell, Ellis H.S.

Trenton Long, Hill City H.S.

Myah McCoy, Ellis H.S.

Shelby Wilson, Hill City H.S.

Jarret Mader, Ellis H.S.

Paige Zadina, Rock Hills H.S.

Peyton Unruh, Hays H.S.

Aubree Whelchel, Rock Hills H.S.

Trinity Gnad, Hays H.S.

Troy Duskie, Rock Hills H.S.

William Cadoret, Hays H.S.

Haley Garst, Rock Hills H.S.

Wyatt Grabbe, Hays H.S.

Ethan Kenworthy, Rock Hills H.S.

Katy Antrim, Hays H.S.

Zach Gurka, Rock Hills H.S.

Logan Chance, Hays H.S.

Savannah Beougher, Oakley H.S.

Carson Spray, Hays H.S.

Craig Kuhlman, Oakley H.S.

Teegan Turnbull, Hays H.S.

Jake Moses, Oakley H.S.

Kaden Harding, Hays H.S.

Sarah Polley, Oakley H.S.

Ethan Dreiling, Hays H.S.

Selena Johnson, Beloit H.S.

Ingrid Coronado, Hays H.S.

Haley Channell, Beloit H.S.

Shelby Craig, Hays H.S.

Wesley Adolph, Beloit H.S.

Kastyn Antrim, Hays H.S.

Brogan Rothchild, Beloit H.S.

Karli Neher, Sonrise Academy / Hays H.S.

Dante Perrote, Beloit H.S.

Brooklyn Berens, TMP-Marian H.S.

Ethan Anderson, Beloit H.S.

Taylor Anderson, Victoria H.S.

Felicity Clark, St. John’s Catholic H.S.

Jarron Schmidt, Victoria H.S.

Maggie Eilert, St. John’s Catholic H.S.

Jaxon Dinkel, Victoria H.S.

Kai Cox, Northern Valley H.S.

Lane Schmidtberger, Victoria H.S.

Garrett Urban, Norton Comm. H.S.

Zachary Maske, Victoria H.S.

Ella Carter, Norton Comm. H.S.

Preston Havlas, Quinter H.S.

Jonathan Nielsen, Norton Comm. H.S.

Cashlyn Kvasnicka, Quinter H.S.

Clayton Sumner, Norton Comm. H.S.

Trevor Kaiser, Quinter H.S.

Raylyn Paget, Natoma H.S.

Zayne Beckner, Quinter H.S.

Ricky Mayberry, Natoma H.S.

Jordon Lewis, Osborne H.S.

Andrew Haffner, Hoxie H.S.

Payton Wherry, Osborne H.S.

Dayton Bell, Hoxie H.S.

Nicholas Hartsock, Osborne H.S.

Jayden Fenner, Hoxie H.S.

Bailey Mader, Bennington H.S.

Bentley Baehler, Goodland H.S.

Trustin Ragland, Minneapolis H.S.

Allyson Sheldon, Goodland H.S.

Reece Wilson, Minneapolis H.S.

Jarek Crow, Goodland H.S.

Mallorie Church, Tescott H.S.

Tarek Koelsch, Smith Center H.S.

Scott Jorgensen, Tescott H.S.

Hayden Lehmann, Smith Center H.S.

Madison Brackney, Logan H.S.

Garrett Wanner, Smith Center H.S.

Kylee Uhland, Logan H.S.

Alexis Holling, Thunder Ridge H.S.

Chelsi Brown, Logan H.S.

Dalton Bice, Thunder Ridge H.S.

Laramee Chestnut, Logan H.S.

Max Loyd, Thunder Ridge H.S.

Karson Gottschalk, Logan H.S.

Trinity Coomes, Thunder Ridge H.S.

Madison Solida, Phillipsburg H.S.

Adalia Rego, Smith Center H.S.

Jessica Gooder, Phillipsburg

H.S. Maleia Powell, Brewster H.S.

Walter Jacobs, Phillipsburg H.S.

Emma Wright, Colby H.S.

Ethan Miller, Phillipsburg H.S.

Kimberlyn Escobar, Colby H.S.

Seth Vacek, Pike Valley H.S.

McHaley Carter, Golden Plains H.S.

Gentry Thomas, Republic Co. H.S.

Sidney Taylor, Golden Plains H.S.

Tristan Allen, Republic Co. H.S.

Morgan Durham, Golden Plains H.S.

Trinity Hartsock, Republic Co. H.S.

Oren Hobbs, Trego Comm. H.S.

Kennadi Hobby, Ell-Saline H.S.

Tiera Eby Whitaker, Wallace Co. H.S.

Addison Copeland, Salina South H.S.

Elliana Edwards, Wallace Co. H.S.

Averi O’Connor, Salina South H.S.

Seferino Juarez, Wallace Co. H.S.

Isaac Harper, Salina South H.S.