Apr 23, 2021

HaysMed, University of Kansas Health System mutually agree to work independently

Posted Apr 23, 2021 5:19 PM


The executives and boards from the University of Kansas Health System and HaysMed shared a vision in 2016 to work together to extend comprehensive, high-quality, cost efficient healthcare across our state. 

While we have worked together over the past five years, we have mutually decided that stepping back and working independently best supports the long-term health and wellness of our communities.  Taking this step allows both entities to actively pursue the unique approaches to serving their respective populations.  This action also applies to the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital in Larned, which is a managed partner of HaysMed.

This transition will take several months to complete and, until then, HaysMed and Pawnee Valley Community Hospital will remain part of the system. 

The change in relationship is not expected to have an impact on patients, patient care, employees, facilities and the local communities.

HaysMed’s focus is a continued commitment to local, regional and rural healthcare in western Kansas.

“The medical staff at HaysMed supports this decision,” said Heather Harris, DO, medical director and physician at Hays Family Medicine.  

Roger Dietz, MD, chief of staff echoed that sentiment. 

“In our opinion, Administration and the board did what was in the best interest of staff and patients of Hays and western Kansas," he said.

Check Hays Post for more as details become available.