May 22, 2022

High Plains offers expanded treatment options for substance use

Posted May 22, 2022 10:30 AM

News release

High Plains Mental Health Center has expanded its treatment program for substance use disorders, now offering outpatient Medication Assisted Treatment in addition to clinical therapy.

High Plains has hired a new full-time telehealth psychiatrist, Dr. Vivek Jayadeva, who specializes in Medication Assisted Treatment. This provider allows High Plains to offer medication services for those suffering from substance use disorders, specifically opioid addiction. In some cases, medication services can also be helpful in treating alcohol use disorders.

The additional service is valuable because substance use disorders and mental illness often co-occur, so an integrated treatment option often results in better clinical outcomes. Dr. Jayadeva is currently accepting new clients with those telehealth services available at any of our six full-time office locations. Following the initial psychiatry intake appointment, clients can access psychiatric services via Zoom from the comfort and convenience of home. High Plains Mental Health Center has full-time clinics in Hays, Osborne, Norton, Phillipsburg, Colby and Goodland, in addition to community outreach offices in 14 other counties.

In addition to MAT, High Plains has recently expanded counseling and peer support programs for those experiencing Substance Use Disorders. High Plains Mental Health Center is a licensed Substance Use Disorder service provider with the State of Kansas.

More than 20 of our mental health professionals are dual-certified to provide substance use counseling, and we recently partnered with Heartland RADAC to provide additional counseling and peer support options. As always, a sliding fee scale is available for qualifying clients and services are not refused based on inability to pay. Block grant funding is available to any non-Medicaid member who is a resident of Kansas and whose income is less than 200 percent of federal poverty guidelines. The recent expansion of SUD services is part of a federal grant to implement Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic services. 

MAT involves the prescribing of medications to treat individuals in recovery from certain Substance Use Disorders, usually disorders involving highly addictive opioid drugs (heroin, pain pills, etc.) or sometimes alcohol. MAT has been found very effective in helping clients sustain recovery longer, especially when used in combination with behavioral health therapy. In 2018, an estimated 2 million people in the U.S. had an opioid use disorder – and there are likely many more undiagnosed and untreated.

Opioid overdoses can be deadly – every day, more than 172 Americans die after overdosing on opioids, averaging seven deaths per hour. And this is no longer an issue affecting only large cities. Regional law enforcement have publicly posted warnings regarding opioid overdoses and fentanyl-laced drugs in Northwest Kansas. Opioid addictions often begin with a pain medication prescribed by a health care provider, which can lead to use of illegal street drugs. Many who become dependent on opioids will also experience secondary effects of use, such as loss of employment and criminal charges. It is incredibly difficult to quit opioid use once dependent, as the substances are very addictive and withdrawal often causes intense, negative physical symptoms. The controlled use of prescription medication through MAT has been clinically proven to help clients withdraw from the substance safely and more effectively. 

Mental illness and Substance Use Disorders often co-occur. The expanded treatment options at High Plains Mental Health Center make it possible to integrate treatment, which is often linked to better recovery outcomes. For more information about Substance Use Disorder treatment at High Plains Mental Health Center, or to access mental health services, call 1-800-432-0333. This phone number also serves as a 24/7 crisis hotline after regular business hours. High Plains Mental Health Center currently has a total of 28 service locations in the 20 counties of Northwest Kansas – call us to find the most convenient service option for you. Telehealth services are also available from the comfort and convenience of home. We’re Here for You!

High Plains Mental Health Center is a licensed community mental health center dedicated to the aggressive pursuit of providing a comprehensive mental health program to the residents of Northwest Kansas. Embodied in this pursuit are fundamental principles of establishing quality services as close to home as possible, at an affordable fee, and delivered in the least disruptive manner available. Such services will offer a continuum of care so that treatment can be individualized, and our staff can respond quickly and compassionately to those reaching out to us.