Apr 02, 2024

Dancing Together for DSNWK raises more than $20,000

Posted Apr 02, 2024 9:30 AM
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo


A check for over $20,000 was presented by Alyssa Dechant with Styles Dance Center on March 22. The donation was made through the efforts of the popular Dancing Together for DSNWK event held on February 25 at Beach Schmidt Performing Arts Center in Hays.

Styles Dance Centre has hosted the event for several years with this year raising the most money of any other year. A large raffle with a variety of donated prizes was also a contributing factor to the success of the recital.

Thirty-six individuals served by DSWK participated in the recital which featured dances by both the dancers at Styles as well as special group dances featuring individuals served by DSNWK.

“We fell in love with doing this show and fell in love with DSNWK,” said Dechant. “It just continues to get better every year and it’s something we all look forward to doing.”