Oct 20, 2021

Hays Post Hays USD 489 candidate profile: Casey F Herrman

Posted Oct 20, 2021 10:55 AM
Casey Herrman
Casey Herrman

Casey F Herrman

Age: 36
Occupation: Business Owner
Community involvement: My main involvement has been with holding USD 489 accountable to the parents and children it serves.

Do you or have you ever had children or grandchildren who attend(ed) Hays public schools?
Yes, I have two kids in school and one in preschool.

Did you support the USD 489 2016 and 2017 bond issues? Why or why not?
No, as they had blank checks in them.

Would you support a bond issue if it were put to a public vote in the next year? What do you think it should include?
Under no circumstances will I support a bond issue if it resembles the last two we were presented with. Both were dumpster fires laden with big, blank checks and I believe we can do more with less. Any bond issue needs to address the maintenance of our buildings. What it does not need is to be unclear about its goals, unaccountable in its spending, and focused on making profits for big companies.

How do you think the district should address facility needs and maintenance outside of a bond issue?
Again, it goes back to accountability: we need to make sure that money set aside for maintenance is being spent as it should be. And when work does need to be done, I believe we should seek out local businesses to do it. 

What would you do to improve relations between the board and the community?
Simply put, this board does not care about the community and is not responsive to our concerns. I’ve witnessed this firsthand since I began attending board meetings in the spring, and other parents have told me the same.

Do you think board unity is important? Would you be able to compromise with other board members who do not share your same views? Do you think you would be able to work with the current board members who will remain on the board after the election?
I think integrity, principles, and accountability are all far more important than unity, and they’re qualities that this board has in short supply. If anyone doubts that then I invite them to sit in on a meeting. The next ones are scheduled for 10/12, 10/25, 11/8, 11/22, and 12/13. If you come, you’ll bear witness to unprofessionalism, personal slights, and a clique that says yes to everything. 

What is your position on students wearing masks in schools as a COVID mitigation effort?
I believe the question of whether or not a child wears a mask should be decided by the parents. 

Do you support the school district’s current COVID mitigation policy? If not, what would you put in its place?
My only policy is that if you’re sick then stay at home. Aside from that, parents need to be the ones making decisions. 

Have you received any funds or in-kind donations from a donor from outside of the school district or a PAC? Please explain.
No, all my supporters are in our district.

What is the most positive and negative things about USD 489 currently?
The most positive thing about USD 489 is that it sits in a great town with great values.  Talking with parents over the last 6 months has been an excellent experience, as it has demonstrated just how committed people are around here to seeing that their kids get the education they need. The biggest negative is the unprofessional board and its ineffective president who refuses to stand up even when parents have been publicly insulted.