Oct 22, 2023

NCK Technical College celebrates record number of student scholarships

Posted Oct 22, 2023 2:00 PM

NCK Tech

BELOIT and HAYS – North Central Kansas Technical College is proud to announce a significant achievement in its ongoing commitment to student success.

Thanks to the generous support of numerous donors, in collaboration with the North Central Kansas Technical College Endowment Association and Foundation, a record-breaking 48 scholarships totaling $107,300 have been awarded to 79 students across both the Beloit and Hays campuses during the 2023 academic year.

These scholarships, endowed by dedicated benefactors, have been established to provide vital financial assistance to students pursuing a variety of programs at NCK Tech. The enduring legacy of these donors is reflected in the annual scholarships they have created, ensuring that students receive support not only now but into the future.

In a celebratory event, NCK Tech hosted receptions for students and donors on both the Hays campus on September 27 and the Beloit campus  on October 4. During these gatherings, a total of 48 scholarships were presented, many of which included multiple awards.

The 2023 scholarship awards mark a significant increase compared to the 2021 awards, when 22 scholarships benefited 49 students across both campuses. This growth in scholarships reflects NCK Tech's unwavering dedication to expanding access to education, providing more students from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to pursue higher education.

Scholarships play a pivotal role in enabling students to concentrate on their studies without the added burden of financial stress, allowing them to fully dedicate their time and energy to their academic pursuits. This positive change is a testament to the understanding of the importance of diversity in the academic community.

The success of these scholarship programs would not be possible without the generosity and commitment of the benefactors who have made them a reality. Their belief in the potential of students and their dedication to education have set an inspiring example, encouraging the recipients to pay it forward and support future generations in their pursuit of knowledge.

These benefactors include individual donors, businesses, organizations and foundations. Scholarships are often started to memorialize friends and family members, honor those who worked in or were positively impacted by someone in a field taught at NCK Tech, or to help students who will benefit the workforce or the community.

Eric Burks, president of North Central Kansas Technical College, expressed his gratitude, saying, "Honoring the legacy of our donors, their contributions, and their leadership in educating our future workforce is a pleasure, and we can't thank them enough for their generosity. Many thanks to the support of all of our donors and particularly the Dane G. Hansen Foundation for matching 1:1 for endowed scholarships. Their matching program has helped grow our endowed funds over the last three years.”

Mendi Anschutz, director of advancement for the North Central Kansas Technical College Endowment Association and Foundation, added, "We are deeply grateful to these donors for establishing these important scholarship funds, which we are honored to administer."

For more information about North Central Kansas Technical College and its scholarship programs, please visit ncktc.edu/foundation/ or contact Mendi Anschutz at 785-738-9090.