Eagle Radio Auction

2020 Hays Eagle Radio Fall Auction Online!

Segment 1: October 3rd – October 11th

Segment 2: October 12th – October 18th

Segment 3: October 19th – October 25th

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If you  have questions, call 785-301-2211 or 800-569-0144

MasterCard, Visa, and Discover accepted
A 3% of retail processing fee will be added to each winning bid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the auction and how long is it?

A. Hays Radio Auction Online! is an online auction designed to give our listeners another opportunity to obtain goods and services where "Saving Money is Just a Click Away." Hays Radio Auction Online! is conducted in segments. Ending times will be staggered to prevent server overload. Be sure to check the ending time for your items.

Q. How do I bid on an auction item?

A. We encourage you to view the Hays Radio Auction Online! items before the auction by linking through our website at www.hayspost.com. The items being auctioned during each segment will be revealed upon the opening of the auction segment. Once you have decided which items you wish to bid on, simply enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item. Hays Radio Auction Online! takes it from there and places bids on your behalf starting with the next bid increment for the auction. We'll bid as much as necessary to make sure you remain the high bidder (or to meet the reserve price). We'll keep bidding for you until bidding reaches your maximum amount. If another bidder has placed the same bid before you or a higher maximum bid, Hays Radio Auction Online! will let you know that you've been outbid so you can place another bid, if you wish. However, if no other bidder has a higher maximum bid at the end of the auction, you win the item, even if your bid doesn't go as high as your maximum bid. You could end up paying significantly less than your maximum price! Using this process means you don't have to keep coming back to re-bid every time another bid is placed.

For example:

The current bid for an item is $10.00. John is the high bidder. (John has placed a maximum bid of $12.00 on this item, but his maximum bid is kept confidential.)

Mary views this item and decides to place a maximum bid of $15.00. Mary becomes the high bidder because her bid is greater than John's bid.

A bid increment of $0.50 is added to John’s maximum bid of $12.00. That means that Mary’s current bid is now $12.50. Tom is sent an email that he has been outbid.

Q. How do I know if my bid is the highest?

A. As in any auction items will be sold to the highest bidder. You will receive an email if you won the bid.

Q: How do I pay for my items?

A. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. A 3% of retail processing fee will be added to each winning bid.

Q: If I am the high bidder, how may I claim my items?

A: Upon receiving payment, our Accounting Department will mail your gift certificate which contains the description and price of the item, and identifies you as the high bidder. Simply take your receipt to the business to claim your item. Please pay close attention to any Expiration Dates listed on the gift certificate.

Q: Can I return my item if I am not satisfied?

A: All Radio Auction items are sold AS IS. PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING ON THE ITEM. All items may be viewed at participating businesses prior to the Auction. Eagle Communications, Inc. is not liable for any warranty or representation not expressly set forth in the item description. Descriptions are provided by the businesses providing the item. Some restrictions or exclusions may apply. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Items sold have NO CASH VALUE and may NOT be used to pay any Accounts Receivable.