Mar 04, 2024

Kan. sheriff clarifies his county is not a sanctuary county

Posted Mar 04, 2024 8:00 PM
Sheriff Chad Gay courtesy photo
Sheriff Chad Gay courtesy photo

HARVEY COUNTY —The Harvey County Sheriff’s Office on Monday issued a statement to clarify and to reaffirm its stance that Harvey County is not a sanctuary county.

In the statement, the county explains, "sanctuary jurisdictions are counties or other jurisdictions that have chosen not to cooperate or share information with law enforcement agencies in prosecuting undocumented immigrants for federal immigration laws."

"Harvey County has landed on various websites erroneously listing it as a sanctuary county for several years. At various times, there is an uptick in public interest in sanctuary jurisdictions, leading to confusion amongst the public about the Sheriff’s Office’s position on the matter."

“We’re not a sanctuary county. Period,” said Harvey County Sheriff Chad Gay, who has been the sheriff since 2017. “We have long-standing working relationships with federal, state and local partners, and we intend to continue to work alongside and support those agencies in their work for years to come.”

The Sheriff’s Office has made its position on the matter clear on multiple occasions in the past. However, Harvey County continues to be marked as a sanctuary county despite attempts to correct those reports.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to honor the work of its law enforcement partners by assisting them in the lawful detainment and transfer of those suspected or convicted of crimes.